Customer portal BigTask of NEW TELEKOM spol. s r.o.


Dear Clients,
Welcome to the customer portal of New Telekom, spol. s r.o., where you can conveniently and quickly handle all your requests not only of a technical nature (for example, in the event of a malfunction), but also business (or accounting) matters that you have towards New Telekom.
If you need technical support by phone during weekdays, you can contact us on the toll-free line +420 800 506 070 (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm).
During evenings, weekends and holidays, we are available for technical support on +420 844 844 944.
Before contacting our customer support, please check that your equipment settings are correct or that the fault may be caused by improper handling.

In order to communicate with the support staff, you need to know the necessary identification data of the services provided, such as the full name of the entity with which the contract was concluded, the username, the password for communication and the address of the connection point. 
All these necessary details can be found in the contract and the attached customer card.
Have a nice day - BigTask - New Telekom, spol. s r.o. team. |



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